DWM3000 Module

The DWM3000 module is based on Qorvo’s IEEE802.15.4z-2020 UWB compliant wireless transceiver, the DW3110 IC.

DWM3000 is pin and size compatible with the DWM1000, and it offers full flexibility to support a broad range of UWB applications. When compared with the previous-generation module, the DWM3000 offers substantial improvements on power consumption and the addition of CH9 support.

Product Features:

  • Integration of DW3110 IC, antenna, power management and optimum RF layout simplifies design integration
  • Easily interfaced via SPI slave to a wide range of microcontrollers
  • Support IEEE 802.15.4-2015 and IEEE 802.15.4z-2020 (BPRF mode)
  • Data rates of 850Kbps and 6.8Mbps
  • Worldwide UWB support with UWB Channels 5 (6.5GHz) and CH9 (8GHz)
  • 23mm x 13mm x 2.9mm 24-pin side castellations
  • Supports ToF, TWR and TDoA location schemes

The DWM3000 is currently shipping as engineering sample units.



  • DWM3000EVB


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