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Application & White Papers

  • APH001 - DW1000 Hardware Design Guide

  • APH005: Selecting the power source for your DW1000 based product.

  • APH006: PCB Layout Using .dxf Files

  • APH007: Antenna Selection/Design Guide for DW1000

  • APH010: DW1000 Inter Channel Interference

  • APR001: UWB Worldwide Regulations

  • APR002: Certiification Guide USA

  • APR003: Certiification Guide Europe

  • APS001: System related aspects of Power Consumption and how to optimize them when using DW1000.

  • APS002 - Managing Power Consumption in DW1000 Power Based Systems

  • APS003: Real Time Location Systems: A Guide

  • APS004: Increasing the Range of DW1000 Using LNA

  • APS006 Channel Effects on Communications Range

  • APS006: NLOS Operation and Optimization - Part 2

  • APS006: DW1000 Diagnostics for NLOS Channels - Part 3

  • APS007: Wired Sync RTLS With The DW1000

  • APS009: Using the DW1000 with an external power amplifier to increase transmit power and communications range

  • APS010: Wireless Sensor Networks and the DW1000

  • APS011: Sources of Error in Two Way Ranging

  • APS012: DW1000 Production Tests

  • APS013: DW1000 and Two Way Ranging

  • APS014: Antennna Delay Calibration

  • APS016: Moving from TREK1000 to a product

  • APS017: Max Range in DW1000 Systems

  • APS019: Driving DW1000 from 8-bit MCU v1.0

  • APS022: Debugging DW1000 Based Products and Systems


    APS023 Part 1 Transmit Power Calibration & Management


    APS023 Part 2 TX Bandwidth and Power Compensation

  • PCB CAD Packages

  • APU001: Configuring the DW1000 for Datasheet use cases

  • APU002: Healthcare applications' schemes and their implementation with DecaWave's DW1000 Wireless Transceiver

  • APU003: Agricultural applications' schemes and their implementation with DecaWave's DW1000 Wireless Transceiver

  • APU007: Automotive Keyless Entry Systems

  • APU011: Safety & Security applications and their implementation with DecaWave's DW1000 Wireless Transceiver

  • DecaWave White Paper D0712002WP1: Comparison of Narrowband and Ultra Wideband Channels

  • DecaWave White Paper D0712003WP: Combined LOS and NLOS UWB Channel Model

Research Papers

  • Angle of Arrival Estimation Using Decawave DW1000 Integrated Circuits — Igor Dotlic, Andrew Connell, Hang Ma, Jeff Clancy, Michael McLaughlin Decawave Ltd., Adelaide Chambers, Peter Street, Dublin 8, Ireland, 

  • Experimental Impulse Radio IEEE 802.15.4a UWB Based Wireless Sensor Localization Technology: Characterization, Reliability and Ranging - Tingcong Ye, Michael Walsh, Peter Haigh, John Barton, Alan Mathewson, Brendan O’Flynn

  • Considerations and Challenges in Real Time Locating Systems Design - Dr. Brian Gaffney, DecaWave Ltd

  • Ultra Wideband Wireless Positioning Systems - A Technical Report by Mohammadreza Yavari and Bradford G. Nickerson, University of New Brunswick Faculty of Computer Science

  • Comparison of Wireless Clock Synchronization Algorithms For Indoor Location Systems

  • Advent of Practical UWB Localization: (R)Evolution in UWB Antenna Research

  • Characterisation of the NLOS Performance of an IEEE 802.15.4a Receiver

Slide Presentations

  • DecaWave’s ScenSor DW1000: The World’s Most Precise Indoor Location and Communication CMOS Chip IdTechEx USA November 2013

  • ScenSor: Designing the first commercial IEEE 802.15.4a chip • Luc Darmon , Michael McLaughlin, Dries Neirynck • IEEE Conference EILAT 2012

  • DecaWave IoT 2.0 - When the IoT and micro-location converge - IEEE Plenary Session, San Diego, July 16th 2014

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