DWM1001C Module

The DWM1001C module combines the DW1000, a Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 MCU, and a 3-axis accelerometer. Each mode can be configured as an RTLS anchor or tag and additionally can act as a network gateway device.

Product Features:

  • Build scalable TWR RTLS systems up to thousands of tags. Same module for anchor, tag and gateway design.
  • Embedded DRTLS firmware reduces software development efforts
  • On-board Bluetooth for connectivity
  • On-board motion sensor
  • Channel 5 (6.5GHz) / 6.8Mbps data rate
  • 19mm x 26mm x 2.6mm 34-pin side castellations

The DWM1001 Development Board can be used for various applications, including asset tracking, navigation, factory automation, security, and consumer applications.



  • DWM1000 Module
  • DWM3000 Module
  • DWM1004C Module


What documentation is available for MDEK1001/DWM1001C

Document available today are MDEK1001 Brief, DWM1001 brief, DWM1001-DEV Brief.


DWM1001 pin-layout and Landing Pattern are available at request.

When will MDEK1001/DWM1001C be available ?

The MDEK1001/DWM1001 will be available from our distributors early December 2017.


Our community forum may have the answer.