Noccela is a highly skilled team of professionals who provide customers with a unique indoor positioning technology. Different kinds of solutions can be built around this technology. They have used their IoT-based RTLS technology to create a one-of-a-kind line of products to bring efficiency to retail operations. As an addition to retail management, they also offer positioning as a service.



Our retail line includes three products:

  1. The Noccela Smart Tag
  2. The Noccela Call Button
  3. The Noccela Badge

The Noccela Smart Tag is the only locatable product protection available in the market. It recognizes 5 different methods of theft, and alerts the sales personnel via the Noccela Application in case of suspicious events. The tag can also be used to gather valuable data about customer behavior and as a tool to boost sales. The tag recognizes when it is taken for example to a fitting room and it can alert the staff of a potential customer.

The Noccela Call Button can be placed anywhere so that customers can get service simply by pushing a button. The service requests also go to the same application.

The Noccela Badge is a locatable personnel card with a button. The staff can call for help by pushing a button when they need assistance from their colleagues or a guard. The badge also collects data all the time. Basically, the badge works as an efficient tool and protection for the staff at the same time.