Noccela has been a forerunner in deploying UWB for RTLS IoT since 2014. Both our software and hardware are designed and manufactured in-house to support use cases of our partners. Our positioning-as-a-service platform provides APIs for location data collection and enables real-time two-way communication so deployed tags can be updated and configured on the go. Data is processed in the cloud or on customer premises. A minimal amount of beacons is needed to cover a wide area, and the system can simultaneously track a very large amount of tags without signal distortion. The tags come in several forms for item and person tracking with features such as audible user feedback and call buttons. Our system has been proven in the demanding multi-floor retail environment and deployed in various other verticalized applications with our industry partners.



Our retail line includes three products:

  1. The Noccela Smart Tag
  2. The Noccela Call Button
  3. The Noccela Badge

The Noccela Smart Tag is the only locatable product protection available in the market. It recognizes 5 different methods of theft, and alerts the sales personnel via the Noccela Application in case of suspicious events. The tag can also be used to gather valuable data about customer behavior and as a tool to boost sales. The tag recognizes when it is taken for example to a fitting room and it can alert the staff of a potential customer.

The Noccela Call Button can be placed anywhere so that customers can get service simply by pushing a button. The service requests also go to the same application.

The Noccela Badge is a locatable personnel card with a button. The staff can call for help by pushing a button when they need assistance from their colleagues or a guard. The badge also collects data all the time. Basically, the badge works as an efficient tool and protection for the staff at the same time.