With the advent of IoT, the combinations of technologies embedded in products is becoming endless, and the pace of new product releases has accelerated. This makes it difficult for most R&D teams to do create everything in-house. Also, internal development costs cannot be amortized in a market that’s more and more fragmented, and time to market is more important than ever.

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Decawave focused on developing modules to remove the burden on R&D teams, reduce risks and costs, and accelerate time to market. We have partnered with a contract manufacturer with a track record of high-volume, cost-sensitive manufacturing. Together, we developed state-of-the-art manufacturing and test capability for UWB modules.

Lower Cost

  • No need for in-house RF design expertise
  • No design costs No cost for setting up manufacturing and test
  • No cost for certification
  • Less staff overhead – no management of third arties (suppliers, manufacturers, etc.)
  • Less working capital – no inventory of parts
  • All factored in – a module is like DWM1004 is lower cost up to 100Ku/y

Lower Risk

  • Solution is already already proven – it has been tested and certified
  • Easier integration to your design
  • No navigation through regulations and certification
  • Lower risk of parts shortage as you manage a single product supply

Shorter Time to Market

  • Start your concept tomorrow with a module – versus 6 to 8 weeks with chip
  • Design through manufacturing usually takes 3 to 6 months – this is 0 with a module
  • Certification can take weeks or months if you need to modify your design – this is 0 with a module
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Working with Decawave’s chips gives you complete design flexibility and customization over your proprietary product design. A chip is the answer if you have enough design time allocated to your project, and if you have a specific implementation.

Low Volume Cost

  • More cost effective in volume quantities

Customized Designs

  • Design can be specifically tailored to your exact needs