LEAPS focuses on building and marketing Real-Time Location and Real-Time Telemetry systems based on Ultra-wideband. Founded in 2016, the company is known for designing and developing of Decawave’s DWM1001 modules and PANS.

LEAPS has one of the most innovative teams in converting the Ultra-wideband chip into a useful solution. Decawave has chosen LEAPS as system provider among their 3,000+ clients and partners.

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MODULAR – LEAPS is an advanced modular system that is versatile to meet your needs; it comprises of one module with one firmware, configurable in different modes and profiles.

VERSATILE – LEAPS’s versatility allows the functionality of a wide range of applications. From navigation and tracking in building with many rooms, open-space area, fast movement, to long battery lifetime tracking applications.

UNIQUE – LEAPS is a unique Swiss Army knife for accurate positioning and data telemetry in real-time. A small versatile module provides you flexibility and great return on investment.

SECURE – LEAPS was designed from scratch with strong focus on security and privacy. Trust chain is protected using hardware secure element.

SIMPLE – LEAPS is easy to set up and it has a wide range of API options that allows easy integration to your products and services. Growing PANS and LEAPS community provides a valuable resource of information and help.

PROVEN – LEAPS was built by creators of Decawave’s DWM1001 and PANS. This was achieved through a team of reliable and experienced experts trusted by Decawave.



LEAPS is available in PCB Modules or as end-product devices. Choose the variant best fits your needs.


Start developing your application with our development kits. You can also update your MDEK1001 from PANS to LEAPS.


ADOPT – Do you want to adopt LEAPS, PANS or DWM1001 but need help to shorten the time needed to market them? Let us know about your project.

CUSTOMIZE – Already know LEAPS, PANS or DWM1001 but need customization? Let us know about your needs.

SUPPORT – Do you need long term support for your products integrating LEAPS, PANS or DWM1001? Let us know how we can help you.