IntraPosition’s innovative technology brings high-accuracy, indoor positioning into the retail, healthcare, and industry markets, enabling indoor-navigation, asset-tracking and workforce management.

With a unique fusion of indoor positioning and IoT technologies, they digitize the physical world.

Utilizing real-time, 1-ft accuracy indoor positioning, they pinpoint the location of every object or person of interest. With a combination of high performance and affordable pricing, they hit the sweet spot of numerous applications and markets.

Their systems are highly scalable and easy to deploy with quick and simple installation.


IntraPosition Anchor


• Stationary, usually installed onto site ceiling
• Receives positional signals from tag
• Utilizing UWB and WiFi technology
• Low voltage power supply
• Easy to install
• Dimensions: 110mm x 75 mm x 30mm

IntraPosition Cart Tag


• Portable, attached to the tracked cart
• Broadcasts periodic UWB signals
• Zero maintenance (battery life-span of 5 years)
• Extremely rugged
• Inconspicuously mounted on shopping cart


• Portable, worn by the tracked personnel
• Broadcasts periodic UWB signals
• Zero maintenance (battery life-span of 1.5 years)
• Comfortable to wear and light weight