Woxu Wireless

Nanjing Woxu Wireless Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, is the first China UWB-based product development of high-tech enterprises, which provides wireless precision positioning of the overall industry solution and other fields, and module customization services for automobiles, coal mines, and IoT, mainly using the UWB and other technologies to provide the positioning of people and objects to meet a variety of indoor and outdoor positioning needs, positioning accuracy of meters to centimeters level, all-round to meet the security and intelligence of the two core areas.

Woxu has a number of software copyright and invention of new patents, positioning accuracy, radio frequency technology, product integration and application development have their own advantages. Welcome to get FCC/SRRC/CE/TELEC/ RoHS/WEEE approved device and check here to learn more.



WOXU real-time location system provides cm-level location data for clients and can be used in various tracking scenarios, ranging from personnel position tracing, asset tracking and vehicle tracking.

  • Tag: wearable tag, vehicle tag, material tag, smart watch, ink tag
  • Anchor: ceiling-mounted / wall-mounted / pole-mounted, support wired or wireless
  • Calculation Engine: LS-1000
  • APP: local and cloud


The platform (WPAS) is all-in one application software for real-time location display and related management functions. The platform integrates tracking, querying, analysis, monitoring, alarm, etc.


Based on UWB technology, it has extremely high flexibility and applicability, and can form a complete product according to customization.

  • Perfect integration into any product
  • Widely used in the industry
  • Ability to apply for relevant certification


Anti-collision solution mainly prevents people-vehicle and vehicle-vehicle collision avoidance and must be the optimum solution to reduce risks.

  • Easy installation, no network construction
  • Adjustable warning range, long coverage
  • Simple configuration, plug and play, no complicated control process


WOXU smart solutions help all industries drive safety and efficiencies. 1,000+ cases have been implemented, mature business-enabling capabilities, comprehensive and efficient services.

  • Affordable, easy to use, and scalable
  • Focus on six industries: Industry 4.0, warehousing logistics, underground space, power plant, chemical plant, hospital