WISER Systems

North Carolina-based WISER Systems, Inc. saves time and money by locating and tracking critical assets in real time. Featuring best-in-class accuracy, cost, coverage, and scalability among real-time localization systems, WISER’s mesh network micro-location system enables:

  • Autonomous inventory and asset monitoring without manual scans
  • Real-time visibility, locating through multiple walls and obstacles without line-of-sight
  • Easy setup and wireless auto-calibration, lowering the costs to install or adjust the system
  • Top performance in heavy industry, operating reliably around metal
  • Precise location of key materials around the clock, with accuracy typically within inches
  • Low power and long, configurable battery life, letting devices operate for up to years at a time


Ultra-wideband (UWB) Antenna Nodes and Tracker Tags signal to one another to establish a wireless mesh. WISER’s tracking software calculates inch-level tag coordinates from these signals and overlays real-time asset locations on a site map or floor plan. This provides continuous, immediate, and autonomous location of all in-mesh assets affixed with a WISER tag. Data can also be fed directly into an ERP, MES, or other software solution by integrating with WISER’s REST API.

WISER’s industrial customers use this solution to streamline operations, enhance safety, and improve security across the market. Industrial uses include aerospace, automotive, consumer goods manufacturing, and mail packaging, as well as oil and gas, warehousing, yard management, and many others.

General System Features

  • Delivers sub-meter and often inch-level precision
  • Locates and tracks accurately in complex, reflective, and metal-filled environments
  • Operational range extends above 100 meters line-of-sight and 20-40 meters even through multiple interior walls, firewalls, or other obstacles
  • Calibrates in a matter of moments
  • Scales modularly to nearly any size, configuration, or number of assets
  • Allows cloud-based or on-premises solutions
  • Operates 24-7 without the need for WiFi, Cellular, or GPS coverage
  • FCC-certified



WISER’s UWB asset tracking solutions drive value across a number of use-cases both indoors and out. In-use solutions include: maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO); manufacturing; energy; logistics; and many others.



WISER Antenna Nodes are positioned to establish the tracking perimeter and wireless mesh. These antennas send location data back to a computer or server running WISER’s software. They can also be tracked as high update-rate tags. Antenna features include:

  • Operates indoors and out without line-of-sight
  • Easy installation and adjustment
  • Nodes can be set to tracker-mode, doubling as high update-rate tags
  • Up to 300 meter range for Node tracking
  • Node Dimensions: 6” x 2” x 1”
  • Node weight: 40-45 grams
  • Antenna Nodes can be powered via USB port, battery, wall outlet, or PoE
  • 110 milliamp current
  • 5 volt power draw


WISER Tracker Tags are small devices that ping at programmable frequencies, allowing the system to calculate location. Tags can be attached to nearly any type of physical asset to provide real-time updates on the asset’s status and location. Tag features include:

  • Programmable ping rates up to 8 Hz
  • Tags enter power-saving sleep mode when motionless, with programmable rates for resting updates
  • Data transfer rates up to 6.8 Mbps
  • Tag Dimensions: 1″ x 1.5″
  • Ultra-low power (microwatts) for extra-long battery life
  • Operates on replaceable coin cell batteries
  • Battery life programmable for up to years
  • Sends real-time power updates, alerting user before a battery fails


The WISER Locator Software translates hardware data into inch-level coordinates. WISER’s GUI overlays these coordinates on a site map or floor plan. Data can also be integrated into other software systems using WISER’s REST API. Software features include:

  • Delivers immediate asset visibility
  • Allows asset naming and labeling
  • Ability to search for assets by name and label
  • Displays tracking histories with playback options up to x64 speed
  • Enables users to create geofences at any point on a site map or floor plan
  • Allows tracking and locating with or without a scaled background image


Implement WISER’s micro-location system right out of the box. This starter Evaluation Kit provides an easy, quick path to testing WISER’s system in your own space. Evaluation Kits include:

  • 5+ Antenna Nodes & holders; use 4 or more of the Antennas to set up a perimeter
  • 4 USB batteries
  • 4 USB power adapters
  • 5 USB 10-ft cable extenders
  • 3+ WISER Tracker Tags
  • Coin cell batteries for Tracker Tags
  • Windows-based, easy-to-use WISER Locator program for demonstration and setup
  • Developer’s license
  • Operator’s manual
  • REST API access (optional)
  • Engineering support (optional)