WISER Systems

North Carolina-based WISER Systems’ FCC certified mesh Locator System is powered by Redundant Radio Localization Technology (RRLT™). WISER’s RRLT provides self-calibrating, sub-meter accurate, real-time, 3D tracking that can be monitored through a web-based interface from any device.

WISER’s Locator System consists of a secure, dedicated mesh network of very-low-power active antenna nodes. This wireless mesh can be deployed both indoors and out, and operates with a range of up to 300 meters (LOS) without reliance on Wi-FI, Cellular or GPS signals. Within the mesh, Mini Tracker Tags transmit location, temperature and exception alerts. These tags maintain a 4-10 year battery life, and can also be USB-powered.

The WISER Difference

WISER’s Locator System delivers superior performance in accuracy, cost, ease of use, ROI, battery life, range, and data reads and rates in difficult environments (metal and humidity, for example).

WISER is designed for autonomy and ease-of-use. Our RRLT mesh is self-configuring and simple to install, and does not require wiring or other expensive infrastructure. WISER solutions are crafted to reduce your workload rather than adding to it.

Our infinitely scalable solution enables you to increase or reduce the tracking perimeter or the number of tagged assets at will. Long-range NLOS tracking and two-way data capabilities make our system uniquely flexible. No matter the size or shape of your tracking layout, WISER can economically adapt to fit.

WISER offers accuracy and reliability in an unobtrusive way. The small size of our tracker tags means they can be deployed anywhere. Our long-lasting batteries send autonomous alerts when they run low on power. Tag update rates are customer-configurable, letting you choose the frequency with which tracking data is gathered.


  • Provides granular x, y, z real-time locating and on-the-move tracking
  • Precision accuracy
  • Near 100% repeatability
  • Operates indoors and out
  • Functions 24-7 without Wi-Fi, Cellular or GPS coverage
  • FCC-certified
  • Patent-pending


WISER’s analytical engine calculates location data, providing real-time monitoring of items and exception alerts (e.g. a tagged item leaving the perimeter, or other parameter alerts such as temperature, expiration date, etc.). The web-based system delivers user-configurable performance analytics as well as options for privacy controls, and WISER’s API allows third party developers to access data for their application-specific solutions.




WISER Antenna nodes create the RRLT mesh used to track tagged assets. Simply position the tracking nodes across the space to be defined, with no other infrastructure required. Tracking distances extend up to 300 meters line-of-sight, and 20-40 meters through walls and other obstacles. Antennas can be powered by USB ports, battery, wall outlets, Power Over Ethernet (POE), light fixtures, or via solar panels (with adapters).

The following features also apply to mesh antenna nodes:

  • Function interoperably as tracker or tag using tracker-mode
  • Tracks both Time of Flight (ToF) and Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA)
  • Reversible base allows for both desktop and wall attachment
  • Physical dimensions: 6” x 4” x 3”


WISER’s active Mini Tracker Tags give you the 3D locations of supplies, equipment or personnel in real-time, with each tag being tracked individually and autonomously.                                    

Tracker Tags include the following features:

  • Granular tracking sends exception alerts when perimeters or standards are violated
  • Two-way data capability
  • Customer-configurable update rates
  • Tags are available interoperably as battery-powered or USB-compatible units for powered assets
  • Tags enter ‘sleep’ mode when immobile, conserving battery power for years
  • Physical dimensions: 1″ x 1.5″


Find any tagged asset at any moment using WISER’s Locator.  Locator allows you to view your localization data in real-time from any computer or mobile device, visualizing the data over your own uploaded floorplan.  Seamlessly integrate Locator tracking data with  your inventory management, purchase orders, personnel management and other enterprise solutions.

Locator features include:

  • Multi-layered approach to data security, operating outside company firewalls
  • Windows®-based demonstration software and developer DLLs
  • REST API Interface
  • HTTP PUT options for cloud-based solutions


Implement the industry’s most robust real-time locating system and our exclusive RRLT technology right out of the box. This starter Evaluation Kit provides an easy, quick path to testing the WISER Locator within your space and network.

Build-Your-Own Kit options include:

  • Mesh Antenna Nodes & holders. Use 2 or more of the Antennas to set up a perimeter and use the remaining antenna(s) in tracker mode to evaluate the system
  • Mini Tracker Tags.  Use smart-tags to track smaller items within your defined space
  • Windows-based, easy-to-use WISER Locator program for demonstration and setup
  • TOF active device tracking of multiple antenna nodes
  • TDOA tracking of multiple mini-tags
  • Windows-based DLL for custom development
  • HTTP PUT option for cloud based applications (additional fee applies)
  • Linux-based library (coming soon)
  • Developer’s License
  • USB batteries
  • USB power adapters
  • USB 10-ft cable extenders
  • Operator’s Manual
  • Engineering Support