Established in 2005, Okyanus Teknoloji is a technology company developing innovative location based business solutions. The company provides Wireless Person Equipment Location Tracking Platform (WIPELOT) which includes both hardware and software products. WIPELOT product family offers economical, practical wireless solutions in the concept of automation and location tracking, work safety and data measurement and analysis. WIPELOT RTLS is a Location Tracking solution, which can be used at indoor or in special areas, to provide accurate personnel and equipment locations, and make assessments and carry out seasonal analysis. WIPELOT ISG in the context of work safety, enables instant awareness of the circumstances of individuals obliged to work under risky and dangerous environments. With the addition WIPELOT OTX Automation solutions to above WIPELOT modules, environment parameters such as ambient temperature, humidity, gas, light and similar may be measured and evaluated intagrated within the platform.

Some of WIPELOT Location based solutions are:

WIPELOT – ISG Wipelot Solutions In Mining Sector

WIPELOT-WIAP Wipelot Aviation Platform

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  • Sub  meter tracking accuracy
  • Within a defined range it can determine the region, the duration of stay of the mobile or immobile equipment, so that the equipment can be accessed quickly.
  • With the help of automatic data routing capability thousands of tags can be used in the same network.
  • Optionally, in case of faint, falling down and failing to act, creates an automatic emergency warning.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Enumaration, input-output operations, calibration maintenance tracking is performed in a correct and rapid way.


  • Wipelot Reader Device (FT-05DCS) is a member of Wipelot OTX-RTLS solution family. Reader collects beacons from the tags . With the help of Wireless Sensor Network single GSM router or ethernet router is sufficient for collecting data from whole Reader Network