UNISET delivers the Sequitur RTLS solution for precise localization and navigation, both indoors and outdoors. It is a co-designed eco-system composed of hardware and software for a plurality of different use cases where accurate positioning is a key requirement. This is the most flexible RTLS on the market, is a completely scalable solution, is easy-to-deploy, and is customizable and offers unique features such as unlimited tags and a completely distributed architecture.

UNISET is a pioneer in ultra-wideband (UWB) communications and localization, and merged with Unitec Group, an international group active in the field of industrial automation and packaging.



This is the most flexible real-time locating system on the market, capable of covering many different user needs spanning from robotics to manufacturing. Sequitur is 100% designed by UNISET, offering state-of-the-art positioning algorithms and architectural solutions that are completely customizable, and ensuring the quality of every component and of every production phase.

Proprietary two-way-ranging (TWR) and time-difference- of-arrival (TDOA) schemes, transmitting-only tags and receiving-only tags, centralized and decentralized architectures: a unique solution with multiple faces to meet the challenges of every customer.

Key Features

  • Completely distributed architecture
  • Unlimited tags simultaneously
  • High-accuracy
  • High update rate
  • Different architectures and tags to accommodate every user need
  • GPS-like solution for navigation, also indoor (position at tag side)
  • 2D, 3D and 2.5D (e.g., altitude provided by external sensors)
  • GPS output emulation
  • Odometer/speedometer integration for enhanced accuracy
  • 3D inertial data
  • Multi-environment with seamless handover
  • No master nodes, no anchor chains
  • Coexistence among different architectures
  • Advanced configuration & management software, web-based interface
  • Open API (UDP and REST) for fast integration
  • Multiple clients supported
  • Step-by-step guided setup
  • Robust, reliable, scalable



  • Indoor & Outdoor (IP40 and IP67 housings for anchors and tags)
  • Battery-powered tags, long-life
  • Wireless recharge
  • Wide range of power supply, USB, PoE
  • WiFi/WPS embedded
  • Ethernet/PoE
  • UART/RS485
  • Over-the-air parameters update
  • Remote commands and robust data communication

SEQUITUR InGPS (Decentralized System)

Tags work as GPS receivers, which estimate directly their positions, collecting the signals from anchors. Unlimited tags coexisting at 20 Hz localization update rate.

This is an ideal solution for navigation, since the position is available locally and no requests to external servers have to be performed (problems of latency and reliability of wireless links).

Extremely easy-to-deploy solution, since neither central units nor network connections among anchors are required. Power supply only to anchors is necessary for run- time operations.

Completely distributed architecture without master nodes or anchor chains, no planning required. Seamless scalability.

SEQUITUR InTracking (Centralized System)

Very small, battery powered tags, blinking at the user-selected rate, depending on the desired localization update. Position estimated by a central unit.

High number of tags in the same area and possibility of coexistence with InGPS. In the same network it is possible to have unlimited InGPS tags (estimating their position as GPS receivers), and a high number of InTracking mini-tags, whose positions are computed by the central unit (high energy efficiency).

A typical application in industrial contexts, InGPS tags can be carried by forklifts and machines, with on-board power supply, in order to have high update rate and without additional radio channel occupation. At the same time, mini-tags can be carried by people and goods, with lower update rate and long battery life, for a complete oversight of what is going on in the warehouse (data analytics, anti-collision, workforce optimization, etc.).