Based in Beijing, China, UbiTraq was founded by industry and academia veterans from Huawei, VIA, and Tsinghua. UbiTraq delivers proven high-precision indoor RTLS solutions to customers around China.

With edge technologies including UWB, TDOA and AOA, UbiTraq has developed a fully wireless, lightweight and easily scalable positioning system that meets the needs of high-precision, high-capacity and low-power applications.

UbiTraq’s versatile RTLS software platform can be easily deployed in the cloud or locally, with web-based 2D/3D visualization and open APIs.

As well as in the business field, UbiTraq has patented solutions to bring centimeter accuracy into consumer field. The products have been widely used in factories, construction sites, meetings, retails, airports, and robotics, etc.

By offering innovative products to both businesses and consumers, UbiTraq is striving to make indoor LBS a reality in future.



  • Decawave UWB radio chip with optional PA and LNA
  • Backhaul interface: 4G / WIFI / ETH / BLE
  • Hybrid TOF and TDOA for high-precision positioning
  • Wireless synchronization for TDOA
  • Remote firmware upgrade and configuration
  • Long range: >100m
  • IP65 housing for outdoor use
  • Power supply: PoE / 12V


  • Decawave UWB radio chip with optional PA
  • Integrated 9-axis motion sensor
  • Battery rechargeable via USB or QI wireless
  • Low-power mode, long battery life
  • Tiny form-factor
  • Firmware upgradable
  • User button and LED


  • Powerful positioning engine, supporting 0D/1D/2D/3D algorithms
  • Web-based 2D/3D visualization and management interface, PC/Pad/Smartphone screen compatible
  • Versatile functions: real-time positioning, track recording, geo-fencing, camera following, statistics, etc.
  • Remote configuration and firmware upgrade for hardwares
  • Open HTTP APIs, including tag positions, alarm information, etc.
  • Fully scalable in number of Anchors and Tags
  • Deployed in the cloud or locally
  • Supporting distributed servers for large-capacity applications