Tracktio’s solution focuses on industrial and logistics use cases. Tracktio provides international partners with modular or full-stack RTLS solutions, including a white-label asset and people tracking software and integration API.

Tracktio’s demo kit performance



  • Outdoor, weather proof
  • Industrial power options
  • Optional battery and solar panel
  • PoE support
  • Optional wireless backhaul in specific scenarios
  • API commands configuration and control
  • High number of configuration parameters
  • White-label enclosure


  • Tags are battery powered, with flexible sensor options and enhanced PCB antenna.
  • Communication subsystem embedded in the RTLS system allows tag ranging and position, sensor status, firmware upgrades as well as exchange of other custom data.
  • Options like accelerometer, buttons, LEDs, buzzers can be easily accommodated.
  • Different form factors can be provided: badge, wearable wristband, industrial IP67, embedded tag, custom bateries, etc.
  • White label tag.


  • Provides complete information about the status and properties of your assets, like WIP, goods, vehicles and the relevant people, like staff or contractors.
  • Comprehensive reporting of history, asset utilization, inventory levels, sensors, team location and behaviour.
  • Flexible finder to find assets and people using various criteria or free text search. Results displayed as maps, tables and to do-lists.
  • Real time maps in 2D and 3D.
  • Layout edition: import real layout, definition of special zones and walls or lines, waypoints, PoI, etc.
  • Geofencing.
  • Multiple concurrent users.
  • User-defined Event Categorization based on user defined values. Customizable Messaging, Alarms and Rules.
  • Smartphone, Tablet or Computer supported. Native Android app and web responsive UI.
  • Integrates data from RFID readers, barcoding, QR and GPS trackers.
  • Tracktio tracking platform also supports IoT sensors through MQTT protocol, LoRaWAN, SigFox. to complement positioning information.
  • Comprehensive API (JSON) for easy integration with corporate systems like ERP, MES, WMS or Security or to customize your own dashboards.