Time Domain Announces Release of PulsON 330 OEM Module

Time Domain, the leading innovator in ultra wideband (UWB) product development, today expanded its award-winning PulsON® product family with the introduction of a new series of ranging and localization modules. The company’s new PulsON 330 (P330) OEM module is an agile distance measurement and communications device targeted at developers pursuing high volume industrial and prosumer navigation and tracking applications. The P330 marks the first release by the company to incorporate Irish UWB chip-maker Decawave’s DW1000 UWB chip.

“We’ve always been committed to finding the best technological approach to solve our customers’ problems,” said Rachel Reinhardt, Time Domain CEO. “Building the P330 around Decawave’s chip provides our customers with more integration options and, in turn, opens new markets for us.”

The P330 module is a flexible development platform designed to quickly familiarize users with the capabilities of UWB ranging and communications and enable rapid prototyping of systems for validation in unique operating environments. Each P330 module supports two-way ranging and communications with accuracy of 10 cm in high multipath, GPS-denied environments and data rates of up to 6.8 Mbps. The P330 development modules bear the same form factor as the company’s alternate line of P440 UWB industrial modules (to allow drop-in replacement for the latter), use industrial temperature-rated components, and offer a wide variety of interface options (USB, Ethernet, SPI, Serial, and CAN). Using the DecaWave chip as the underlying UWB technology, the P330 modules meet the specifications of the IEEE 802.15.4a standard for ranging / communications and support multi-band operation.

“Our mission is to leverage our years of experience to empower our user community,” said Jon Hedges, Director of Sales and Marketing. “Our customers are creative and visionary. We want to do everything we can to help them realize their goals quickly. The P330 is more than just OEM hardware – it’s an entry point into an ecosystem of UWB know-how and expertise that encompasses the full spectrum of hardware, software, networks, and services.”

New users begin with a development kit that supplements the P330 hardware with evaluation software, sample C and MATLAB code, and engineering support hours. The kits also include software that enables users to configure and implement their own navigation and tracking networks based on either ALOHA or TDMA protocols.

The software and applications programming interfaces (APIs) are identical across the entire Time Domain product portfolio, making integration of the standards-based P330 series and higher-performance P440 series easy. Developers can choose from the world’s best selection of high-performance UWB ranging radios and select the module most appropriate for their needs, while re-using validated application code from other projects, allowing a seamless transition and significantly reducing engineering time and risk.

Industry insiders got a sneak peek at the P330 in April, when a pre-production prototype version of the module was named the best radio-based location technology at the 2015 Microsoft Indoor Localization Competition in Seattle.

”We were impressed by the level of performance achieved by Time Domain during the competition. But this was no surprise looking at Time Domain’s track record in UWB radios and localization systems. We are proud to have industry pioneers embracing the Decawave technology and are looking forward to a close relationship fostering UWB technology adoption in the industry,” said Mike Clancy, Decawave Chief Sales Officer.

The P330 Ranging and Localization Development Kits are now available for pre-order, with shipments slated to begin in late Q3 2015. For more information on Time Domain and its UWB product offerings, please visit http://www.timedomain.com or call +1.256.922.9229.