• DW1000 Application Programming Interface with application examples

    DW1000 Application Programming Interface which provides an abstracted view of the DW1000 register set to the software programmer. Includes a set of examples demonstrating how to use the API to perform the most commonly required operations

  • EVK ARM Version 3.11, ( Coocox ),  July 2017

    Version 3.11 is only available through web download.

    Version 3.11 contains driver update and restructuring of code for easier porting. See release note for more details.

    This package contains. Binary code  (.bin) and source code + Description

  • EVK ARM Version 3.11, ( CubeMX ), July 2017

    This is the same EVK application as version 3.11, except the project has been created with CubeMX tool and it is built with ST System Workbench IDE.

    This package contains the instruction to Install SW4STM32 toolchain and instruction on Porting EVK1000 to ST Workbench.

  • EVK1000 ARM version 3.05, PC Version 3.05, Released 20th January 2017

    PCBs labelled with 3.05 are calibrated to this version.
    The EVK1000 software version can be read from the display during its power-up sequence.
    EVK1000 Software Package Includes - DecaRanging Application SW - Embedded Binary - Embedded SW Source Code - SW API Document - Application User Guide

  • TREK1000 ARM version 2.10

    PCBs labelled with 2.10 are calibrated to this version.
    The TREK1000 software version can be read from the display during its power-up sequence.
    TREK1000 Software Package Includes - DecaRangeRTLS PC Application Software - Product Brief - Quick Start Guide - User Manual - Expansion Options instructions - Application Note: Moving From TREK1000 To A Product