Product Returns

1. Which Products are affected?

2. What could happen if my product is affected?

While the product is functional, the transmit power and range precision could be compromised, so we are advising customers to return all affected products for replacements.

3. How do I identify if my products are affected

If your module or development board or kit has a serial number 1813XXXXXX or 1810XXXXXX, then it is probably part of the affected batch. To verify, please input your serial number into the box below.

Here is where you will find the serial number for your product:

  • DWM1001 Module: labels on module shield and on reel
  • DWM1001-DEV Development Board: labels on module shield
  • MDEK1001 Development Kit: label on the side of the cardboard gift box


Please enter in the Module, Kit, or box serial number into the window to confirm if your kit has been affected