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Software Packages for DWM1001 Module

Software packages for the DWM1001 Module can be found here 

Software Packages for DWM1001-Dev

Software Packages for the DWM1001-Dev can be found here 

Software Packages for MDEK1001

Software Packages for MDEK1001 can be found here

DW1000 Application Programming Interface with STM32F10x Application examples

The DW1000 Application Programming Interface software package provides an abstracted view of the DW1000 register set to the software programmer.

It includes a comprehensive set of examples, ported to STM32F10X MCU, demonstrating how to use the API to perform the most commonly required functions of the DW1000.

TREK1000 source code for STM32

The TREK1000 software package includes the following:

DecaRangeRTLS PC Application Software (Versions 3.6 and 3.8), Product Brief, Quick Start Guide, User Manual, Expansion Options instructions and an Application Note: Moving From TREK1000 To A Product.

Both the STM sources for CooCox ( and CubeMX ( environments are included.

PCBs labelled with 2.10 are calibrated to CooCox version. The TREK1000 software version can be read from the display during its power-up sequence.

CooCox 2.10 CubeMX 2.25
EVK1000 source code for STM32

The EVK1000 software package contains the following items:

Documentation describing the EVK1000 STM32 v3.11, binary code (.bin) and source code for the STM32 MCU device.

Both CooCox ( and CubeMX ( variants are provided.

The CubeMX variant contains the same EVK application code as the  CooCox version, but the project has been created with CubeMX tool and it is built with ST System Workbench IDE. 

The CubeMX package also contains the instructions on installation of the SW4STM32 toolchain and porting EVK1000 to the ST Workbench. 

DecaRanging Windows application program ( is also included.

CooCox 3.11 CubeMX 3.11