Sewio is a Czech-based company delivering real-time location systems as fundamental technology for digitization of movement in Industry 4.0, retail and sport.

Sewio has developed an easily scalable and ready to integrate RTLS TDoA Platform combining Decawave’s Ultra Wideband radio technology with cutting-edge software analyses. Sewio offers a broad product portfolio based on the Decawave chipset, including very tiny Piccolino Tags, chargeable Li-ion Tags, Anchors with web-based configuration, UWB sniffer for packet transmission analyses, and sophisticated RTLS Studio software for system configuration, management, visualization and backup.

Key and competitive feature of Sewio RTLS TDoA platform is full scalability in space and number of devices, high precision, Open API for integration in third-party software and high refresh rate.

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Business Added Value:

By highly precise digitization of movement and rich data analytics we bring completely new level of understanding of work-flow processes across the broad array of disciplines. We optimize flow of intra-logistics in manufacturing and reduce staff injuries. We observe behavior of customer to increase profit of retail or we allow to boost performance of sport teams by analyzing details of their movement during the game.



Market-proved RTLS-TDoA platform with all-in-one RTLS Studio software and Open API. Implemented in automotive industry for monitoring of logistics processes and assembly lines. Also used in Retail applications for monitoring of shopping trolleyes. References on demand.

  • Fully scalable in number of Anchors and Tags
  • Tags operating with Li-Ion or CR batteries, innertial sensors integrated
  • Enterprise quality of RTLS platform
  • Web-based RTLS Studio software for remote control of network
  • Web-based 2D and 3D visualization including location statistics and zone management
  • Wireless Configuration of RTLS devices
  • Monitoring and logging of device and network activities
  • TDoA Kit Available (5 Anchors / 3 Tags / SW Bulk)




One of the world smallest UWB Tag, Piccolino, powered by coin battery with a large set of application and specific housings.


  • Decawave UWB radio module with ceramic antenna, 6 channels, 3-7GHz
  • Equipped by accelerometer prolonging battery life up to 5 years
  • Integrated LED user indicator for responsive behaviour
  • PANIC button feature
  • Wireless configuration via RTLS Manager
  • Driven by Ultra Low Power ARM EFM32G M3

Check Piccolino website



Tag with integrated Decawave DWM1000 module powered by Li-ion 600 mAh battery. The Tag is equipped with accelerometer, mini-USB interface for powering and configuration, power button, LEDs.

  • Battery life up to one year
  • Li-ion battery 600 mAh
  • Refresh rate > 50 ms
  • Communication range 35 m
  • Configuration wirelessly and remotely via RTLS Manager
  • Accelerometer for motion detection – raw data available

Check Li-ion Tag page:


Li-ion Tag IMU TDoA

Innovated Li-ion Tag TDoA with integrated IMU sensor: accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, altimeter, thermometer.

Raw data available to detect motion, yaw, roll, pitch.

See Inertial Sensor Video:


Anchor with integrated Decawave DWM1000 module and  Ethernet interface for communication and powering. The Anchor is equipped with mini-USB for power supply and configuration and an Ethernet interface for data transmission, configuration and also power supply.

  • Unlimited number of Anchors in network
  • Ethernet interface used as data backhaul with PoE feature and firmware update
  • Configuration done remotely via RTLS Manager, USB can be used as well
  • High number of configuration parameters (RF profiles, IP parameters, RF power, IP Adress, etc)
  • HTTP web interface for configuration and control

Check Anchor page:



RTLS Studio provides all SW resources at one place. Together with embedded Location Engine, RTLS Studio features RTLS Manager commisioning tool and Sensmap for real-time 2D/3D visualization. Interactive OPEN API and extensive Documentation speeds up your development time.

  • Commissioning and Visualization
  • Monitoring and Access
  • Open API and Documentation
  • Services with Device Care
  • Backup and movement recording

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Debugging platform for RTLS Integrators and Developers

  • Fully integrated with open source Wireshark (industry open source)
  • 6 channels (802.15.4a UWB) up to 6.5 GHz
  • Ethernet Communication interface
  • Easy to automate via HTTP interface
  • Received Signal Strength Indication
  • Dissector for Decawave Two Way Ranging