RTLOC, headquartered in Belgium and active since 2014, specializes in high-speed, high-precision positioning and communication systems for demanding environments. RTLOC serves as an OEM and also provides turn-key solutions depending on the application domain.

RTLOC provides proprietary PCB implementations and custom optimized antennas. Integration with hardware from other vendors, for example the DWM1001, is also possible. We provide advanced software for on-the-fly configuration, debugging, visualization, transmission and data replay.



RTLOC offers a self-configuring and self-regulating ad-hoc network for measuring distances and exchanging information (distances, sensor, etc.) between the tags without the need for a fixed installation (anchors).

  • No infrastructure/anchors required
  • Read-out data and configure tags via Bluetooth (BLE), UART or SPI
  • Calculate relative positions of the tags
  • Run on RTLOC tags or on DWM1001-dev boards
  • Gather information in web and mobile app

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The RTLS tracks objects at the highest precision and speed.

  • Instantly switch between high accuracy (TWR) or low-power (TDOA) mode
  • Tag position accuracy of 10-30 cm in 2D or 3D
  • Position update rate of +1.000Hz or up to 16.000 distance measurements per second (fully wireless) and even higher in wired setups
  • Easily scalable to up to more than 20.000m2
  • Sensor data and other information such as user data wirelessly collected to get raw data up to 1.000Hz
  • Update the system with highly optimized OTA updates
  • Bluetooth (BLE) configuration and data read-out of individual tags or anchors
  • Run on RTLOC tags & anchors, on DWM1001-dev boards or on your own boards
  • Fast and simple integration with our Open APIs in binary or JSON/BSon format and over plain UDP/TCP, websockets or MQTT
  • Build your own tag firmware with the SDK
  • Redundancy possible at all levels for incredible reliability

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RTLOC offers embedded software, hardware and antenna design (OEM) engineering services. Build your own hardware based on our reference designs with your required specs and board dimensions that can run our software stack for immediate high-performance distance and position results.

  • Support for the several MCUs: Nordic (nRF52832), ST (STM32F4), Microchip/Atmel (AT91SAM4S, AT91SAM4E), NXP (K22F, K24F, K64F, K66F)
  • Support for several RTOSs: FreeRTOS, eCos and Zephyr
  • Add multiple sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, humidity, temperature, pressure, etc.)
  • Build your own code and algorithms (within your own thread) with the embedded software SDK; get access to console, raw TWR and TDOA information, positions, sensor data, node configuration, etc.
  • Directional antenna designs: 45°, 90°, 180° or custom

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