RTL-Service is an international business with headquarters based in Moscow, Russia. RTL-Service concentrates on design and development of RTLS solutions, enabling business partners  to integrate the solution into CRM systems via API or for stand-alone usage.
RTL-Service effectively employs the mix of different wireless technologies to embrace the requirements of the customers, from room level to precise positioning of personnel and assets to voice and data transmissions.
RTL-Services solutions target mining, oil&gas, logistics and warehouses, industrial manufacturing industries The customers employ RTL-Services solutions for personnel safety reasons and increase of labor and assets productivity.
RTL-Service both partners with system integrators and serves  industry customers directly. The modularity the RTL-Service system allows its customers to build RTLS solution to the actual requirements and increase its functionality when needed on the same infrastructure.



A Vehicle Tag is installed on outer surfaces of the vehicle cabin and is linked to the vehicle power system. For the better positional accuracy (about 10 cm) vehicle tag is equipped UWB-module.

  1. Housing:  IP65
  2. Radiocommunication standart: IEEE 802.15.4
  3. External equipment installing and sensor connections are available.
  4. Antenna type: Dual dipole/chip antenna
  5. Dimensions: 222 х 146 х 75 mm


The RealTrac Tag is a mobile device for tracking the coordinates of a person or an object in real time.

  1. Dimensions: 78 х 48 х 24 mm
  2. Weight: 90g
  3. Housing: IP41
  4. Sensors: Pressure, Accelerometer,Gyroscope
  5. Programmable button
  6. Battery: 600 mAh Li-Pol


The «RealTrac AP Indoor» is an access point (anchor) developed for data transmission between RealTrac Tag, RealTrac server and other access points.

  1. Housing: IP40
  2. Radiocommunication standart: IEEE 802.15.4
  3. Frequency band: 3.5-6.5 GHz
  4. Encoding method of signal: BPM with BPSK
  5. Operating mode: Full-time operation
  6. Bit rate: Up to 6.8 Mbit/s