Research Papers

Experimental Impulse Radio IEEE 802.15.4a UWB Based Wireless Sensor Localization Technology: Characterization, Reliability and Ranging - Tingcong Ye, Michael Walsh, Peter Haigh, John Barton, Alan Mathewson,
Brendan O’Flynn

Considerations and Challenges in Real Time Locating Systems Design - Dr. Brian Gaffney, DecaWave Ltd

Ultra Wideband Wireless Positioning Systems - A Technical Report by Mohammadreza Yavari and Bradford G. Nickerson, University of New Brunswick Faculty of Computer Science

Comparison of Wireless Clock Synchronization Algorithms For Indoor Location Systems

Advent of Practical UWB Localization: (R)Evolution in UWB Antenna Research

Characterisation of the NLOS Performance of an IEEE 802.15.4a Receiver

Research Papers