DWM1001 Module

UWB and BLE-ready combo module offering RTLS systems configurable anchor or tag options

The DWM1001 module combines the DW1000, a Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 MCU and a 3-axis accelerometer.

Each mode can be configured as an RTLS anchor or tag and additionally can act as a network gateway device.


Software Packages are available for users to download:

1) Apk file for Android (Download)

2) DWM1001, DW10001-DEV and MDEK1001 Documents, Source Code, Android Application & Firmware Image (Download)

3) DWM1001 Virtual Box Image with Preinstalled Firmware Development Tool Chain (Download [3.5GB] ) 

4) Source Code for the Android Application (Download)


Product Details

Key Benefits
Get an entire RTLS system up and running faster
Enables anchors, tags & gateways to quickly get an entire RTLS system up-and-running
Reduced Development Costs
Accelerate product designs for faster Time-to-Market (TTM) & reduced development costs
Ready-to-go embedded firmware minimising software development
User application area for customisation
Low-power hardware design and software architecture for longer battery life
FCC & ETSI Certification: target Q1 2018

Hardware Features

Software Features