TREK1000 Evaluation Kit

The Two-Way-Ranging (TWR) Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) IC Evaluation Kit enables users to evaluate the performance of Decawave’s award winning DW1000 UWB IC in RTLS use cases based on various topologies.

Easy and quick to set-up, the TREK1000 is the ideal solution to assess the unrivaled performance of Decawave's technology and to build a "proof of concept" in hours. It allows users to quickly evaluate Decawave’s market-leading UWB technology in multiple RTLS use cases.

Based on the Two-Way Ranging scheme, TREK1000 allows the user to test 3 different topologies:

  1. Tracking: using 3 anchors and 1 tag to cover application use cases such as asset tracking, logistics and factory automation. In this configuration, the user will be able to collect the 2D or 3D position of the tag relative to the anchor's position.
  2. Geo-Fencing (also called Secure Bubble): based on 1 anchor and up to 3 tags, this configuration enables users to monitor if the tags are within certain pre-defined perimeters around the anchor – the bubble. This will allow users to evaluate use cases like personal safety (collision avoidance, security perimeter around machinery), child monitoring or "secure-my-valuables" types of applications.
  3. Navigation: also uses 3 anchors and 1 tag. Connected directly to the tag, the user will be able to walk around and visualize its current position, allowing to test human and robotics navigation scenarios.

Need to test or configure a larger system? No problem, the system can be extended by simply adding an EVK1000.

Kit Includes:

  • 4 boards configurable as anchors or tags with DW1000, MCU and antennae
  • Two-way ranging location software (source code)
  • PC application (including source code)

What You Can Do With This Kit:

  • Evaluate different location schemes (tracking, navigation, geo-fencing)
  • Tweak RF parameters and assess performance
  • Log data for post processing
  • Modify example software, re-flash the boards
  • Add a second kit to expand your system




Centimeter accuracy that's 100x better than WiFi or Bluetooth



High immunity to multipath and interference



Low latency that's 50x faster than GPS



Low power, low cost, low processing



Ability to manage and process extensive data



Up to 290m range reduces infrastructure required to deploy systems



High tag densities enable lower infrastructure implementation and costs



Allows operation from batteries for long periods


  • MDEK1001 Development Kit
  • EVK1000 Evaluation Kit


What options do I have to add more Tags to my TREK1000?

The TREK1000 default configuration as supplied from Decawave supports 8 tags and up to 4 anchors. If support of additional tags is necessary, you should refer to the document “TREK1000 Expansion Options Instructions” available on


One can also develop their own tags using our DW1000 IC or DWM1000 module. To assist customers with PCB layout of a DW1000 based product, three files in DXF format are available from Decawave. See APH006 PCB Layout available on

Can I use 4 anchors with the TREK1000?

Yes, it is possible to use a 4th anchor.


However, there is only one use case for the 4th anchor, and that is when one wants to locate the tag above the plane of the anchors. If the tag is always below the plane of anchors then the 4th anchor is not supposed to be used. It will not result in any improvement in the location estimation.

For further details see the section 8.2.1 adding a 4th anchor in the TREK1000 user manual.


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