DWS3000 Arduino Shield

The DWS3000 is an Arduino form factor compatible shield with a DWM3000 UWB module mounted. The shield offers developers the flexibility to use the DWM3000 with the MCU of their choice - the Arduino form factor is supported by many MCU vendors such as ST, Nordic and others.

Product Features:

  • Arduino shield with DWM3000 UWB module mounted
  • On board 3V3 DC-DC
  • All module pins accessible
  • Full schematics provided in PDF format
  • Example firmware for ST NUCLEO-F429ZI dev board based on STM32Cube and System Workbench for STM32 available on website. Nordic NRF52840-DK also supported.

The DWS3000 is currently shipping as engineering sample units.



  • DWM3000 Module


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