Pozyx is a Belgium company specialized in solutions for accurate indoor positioning. The Pozyx system is probably the fastest and easiest way to get started with accurate ultra-wideband positioning today.

As a spinoff company from Ghent University, Pozyx utilizes the most advanced techniques to provide accurate indoor positioning based on ultra-wideband technology and motion sensors. Using sensor fusion and machine learning, it provides a positioning accuracy of 10cm.

Pozyx offers two product families:

  1. Creator Series: aimed at the prototyping market. These products work out of the box and are especially suited for small hobby projects, a quick technology validation or a simple POC.
  2. Enterprise Solutions: designed for large projects with a permanent aspect or very demanding requirements around performance.

Both the Creator and Enterprise products work seamlessly with Pozyx companion software. Pozyx has advanced visualization options and tools to ensure a quick and fast set-up.

Today, Pozyx is already being used in more than 60 countries for high-speed 2D or 3D tracking of people, drones, forklifts or just assets. Their kits for both the Creator and Enterprise series come with an extensive set of tutorials and use-cases to kickstart your indoor positioning application.


The Creator Series
Developer's Kit Contents


The Creator products are specifically designed for small-scale applications. Hobby projects, rapid prototypes and proof of concepts all spring to mind. Both Creator anchors and tags are highly configurable and are fully compatible with Arduino and raspberry Pi. Alternatively, the hardware can also be deployed as a stand-alone solution using our web-based companion software.

  • Performs real-time 2D or 3D positioning using ultra-wideband TWR
  • Performs wireless communication between devices
  • Support up to 8 wireless anchors within range
  • Support update rates up to 125Hz (single tag)
  • Collects additional data using the other sensors on the board (IMU and pressure sensor)
  • Tags and anchors are fully compatible with Arduino or Raspberry Pi
  • Supports rapid integration with other software through MQTT available locally or in the cloud
  • Compatible with the web-based companion software for fast deployment and maintenance

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Pozyx Enterprise Anchors
The local positioning gateway running the positioning algorithms


The Enterprise products are built and designed with large, permanent and industrial deployments in mind. The Enterprise system can position thousands of tags over a large area with 10 to 30 cm accuracy. The Enterprise hardware supports a wide range of settings that allow for fine tuning and custom optimizations. Update rate, operating range, battery life and additional sensor readouts can all be adjusted to fit the application at hand.

  • Accurately position tags within 10-30 cm
  • Supports variable update rates up to 75Hz and more
  • Can provide up to 1000 position updates per second (server limitations apply)
  • Performs real-time TDOA positioning
  • Supports low-power tags (TDOA) with years of battery life
  • Can handle up to 264 anchors per server
  • Up to 8 anchors can be connected in a chain with PoE+
  • Supports rapid integration with other software through MQTT
  • Is compatible with the web-based companion software for fast deployment and maintenance

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