Decawave, specializing in precise location and connectivity applications is demonstrating Three proof of concepts around the Internet of Things at CES Asia from June 7th to 9th 2017 in Shanghai. Please let us know if you are planning to visit and one of our team will be able to meet up!

Follow Me Sound!

  • System tracks the location of the remote control or Decawave enabled phone casing
  • Audio levels and delay tuned to optimise the sound sweet-spot to that location
  • The user can move around the room and the sound field follows them

Speakers Auto-Positioning

  • For multi-speaker systems such as wireless 5.1
  • System self configures out of the box
  • All of the satellite speakers can be the same
  • Wherever the user places them, the system will place that channel
  • A self installing system!

Location Based Security

  • Security based on precise distance
  • Create a secure bubble, user must be within a certain distance before asset unlocks (door, laptop, whatever,..)
  • Laptop demo available based on USB Dongle