Tag-Ready swarm bee modules, ready-made anchors and productivity tools reduce time to market by 12 months or more compared to a chip-only approach. nanotron refers to readers and wallpoints as “anchors.”


Scalability is as Important as Location Accuracy

No cell structure, and no overhead, thanks to virtual anchor synchronization.

To increase the area covered by your tracking solution, just add more anchors on the same data network. To increase the number of objects tracked, just add more tags. Sea of Anchors technology is easy and straightforward to install.

Combine real-time location tracking with low-latency proximity detection and concurrent data communication. All using the same signal.



  • Cut time to market by 12 months. Focus on application development with known-good module RF hardware and a comprehensive high-level API.
  • swarm bee modules have a compact footprint for tag designs. Antenna, battery and housing are the only external components to build low power tags.
  • The swarm API command language eliminates the need for low-level firmware.
  • swarm bee ER – the Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) enhanced resolution version delivers very precise and reliable distance and location information with up to 10 cm accuracy. Components include the Decawave best-selling UWB-transceiver DW1000 (3.5 to 6.5 GHz), MCU, 3D ACC-Sensor, Temperature Sensor, API, and UART host interface. Educational development kits (DK+) are available.


Easy to use DK+ breakout boards – simple and light weight:

  • Hands-on education on location awareness.
  • Operate autonomously as tag/sensor to develop your application.
  • Comprehensive access to individual swarm bee API commands.

Use several DK+ breakout boards to simulate:

  • Multiple autonomous nodes in proximity applications.
  • Tag populations in tracking applications.


  • Anchors – also known as Readers or Wallpoints – are available as box-level products and credit-card-size modules.
  • Sea of Anchor technology with virtual anchor synchronization for very large, real-time tracking implementations with several thousand tags.
  • Commercial installations with more than 5,000 tags are running 24/7 today.
  • Verticals include mine safety and productivity, manufacturing, and healthcare.
  • Scalable TDOA-location infrastructure for any DW1000-based Tag hardware. Read here how to benefit



  • All proximity detection applications benefit from the simplicity of swarm bee smart RF modules: quick time to market, no development risks and predictive performance.
  • Collision Awareness and Collision Avoidance applications in underground mines protect vehicles mining workers.
  • Safety Zone and Exclusion Zones help workers on construction sites, mines, blasting areas and in process plants to stay safe 24/7.


  • All tracking applications require scalability in terms of number of objects tracked and area covered.
  • Nanotron’s Virtual Synchronization Technology eliminates the complex cell-based approach to location infrastructure.
  • To expand an installation, users simply add more tags and new anchors/readers connected to the same data backbone network.
  • It is easy to deploy and scales exceptionally well.