ScenSor offers the most accurate and reliable performance to manufacturers of RTLS systems within the healthcare market.

Current systems are based on RSSI techniques (Radio Signal Strength Indicator). But based on WiFi radio signal or more recently other IEEE802.15.4 narrow band transceivers, this cannot deliver the desired reliability. In order to perform to the required standard, these technologies need be complemented with other technologies such as Infra-red, ultra-sound or RFID.

Thus, RTLS products designed specifically for the healthcare market offer patchy results in areas, such as non line of sight, or data rate, and across the fuller range of criteria - such as range, multipath immunity, power consumption, size, and importantly, cost – results continue to be limited.

And In one crucial area in particular, that of indoor precision, results across the board continue to disappoint, with best results for accuracy continuing to hover at just +/- 5 metres, or room-level, at best.

Now, one technology is emerging that resolves all of these issues, and simultaneously offers accuracy of +/- 10cm.