Factory Automation

Factory Automation

Ensure precision and reliability in your Factory Automation tools.

Maintaining a real time view of all operations, throughput, stock and component levels is critical to the efficient monitoring of the modern automated factory. A new breed of monitoring tools now ensures component stocks are kept at the optimum level, monitors the level of productivity, and ensures stock is distributed to markets in a timely fashion.

Now, suppliers of factory automation tools can incorporate DecaWave’s world beating precision and reliability - in every manufacturing environment – into their offering.

ScenSor’s primary features will give your automation and monitoring tools unique advantage over your competitors:

  • Location Precision: Ranging precision of 10 cm vs 3 – 5 m for WiFi RTLS
  • Tag/Node Density: Data Rate of 6.8 Mbps vs 250k for ZigBee & 1Mbps for WiFi RTLS
  • Tag/Node Battery Life: Very low power consumption
  • Infrastructure cost – reader density: Increased range of 40 m through walls (NLOS) and 250 m LOS reducing infrastructure costs of deployment
  • Tag/Node Cost: ScenSor price tag very competitive, esp. in high volume
  • Immunity to Interference: Spectral crowding – ScenSor uses regulatory and standard-accepted frequencies outside the crowded 2.4 GHz band (WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee)
  • Multi path Interference: Immune to multipath, no issue with operation in dynamic environment.