Localino offers indoor localization products, tools, development and solutions for indoor localization management. With our experience in diverse technical areas such as communication, radar, automation and indoor localization, we are your partner of choice for your individual requirements and developments.

Continuous enhancement and further development of our products is important for us. Since our foundation in 2015, we have been constantly improving our products. Thanks to our staff and our development partners, we can optimally adapt our localization systems to your needs.

Localino is a versatile complete system solution that allows you to locate and track people and other moving objects with centimeter accuracy. External cloud services, special routers or master nodes are not required.

Localino is:

  • Fully scalable and precise
  • Tags operate with rechargeable batteries, inertial sensors integrated
  • Bluetooth optional
  • Anchors have a wireless LAN backbone
  • Made in Germany



  • High gain antennas that support long range applications
  • WiFi backbone
  • Optional backup battery
  • Optional Bluetooth Low Energy


  • Mini Tag for localization
  • Long battery lifetime
  • USB charge
  • Optional Bluetooth Low Energy