LLC “RTLS” is a Russian company that creates and delivers technology, hardware and software, which determines the location of people and objects in real-time, and monitors and analyses their movements inside buildings and in open space with high precision.

We develop, produce and supply OEMs, system integrators, and end users with equipment, software and related services.

Our systems are designed for high reliability and survivability, and continue to operate even during a power outage or failure of individual elements.



Used to identify, locate and track people and objects.

Location precision: under 0,2 m.

Coordinate updates: up to 16 upd/sec

Power: Coin battery.

Size: Credit card size, 5mm thin


Used to identify, locate & track forklifts and other types of industrial or warehouse vehicles

Location precision: under 0,3 m.

Coordinate updates: up to 16 upd/sec

Power: vehicle onboard power supply – 6..55V DC.

Sensor and data interface: tags simultaneously provide RTLS services while communicating sensor & control data for: load weight, driver authentication, unauthorized access protection, CAN bus data or other custom end-user application data

Size: 145x66x40mm


Market ready RTLS nodes for 24/7 applications.

Anchors with 10/100BASE-TX or wireless mesh (Zigbee or 6lowpan) backhaul for provisioning, monitoring and data collection.

  • Integrated backup battery for 8 hours
  • Wireless mesh network infrastructure
    (no LAN cabling needed)
  • Housing: IP40..IP65
  • Power supply: 220V AC or PoE


RTLS software manages all system components, calculates the coordinates of tags, collects and stores all data, ensure observance of objects with specified rules, generates a graphical representation of the movement of controlled objects and forms a variety of reports, for both users (web – based), and transfer to external systems.


A Starter kit of tags, infrastructure nodes and software to build a small, but fully functional RTLS for performance evaluation, solution design and personnel training.

Complete systems – RTLS, which are intended to solve typical business tasks out of the box:

  • Industrial fleet management (speeding, presence of cargo, critical hits, compliance routes, service areas, parking, etc);
  • Workforce management (time tracking, compliance routes, compliance with working or forbidden zones, time spent in harmful or hazardous areas).
  • Design and deployment of such systems takes minimum amount of time.


Development of customized RTLS products, software and solutions for system integrators, vertical solution vendors and end users – from idea to delivery of turnkey systems, including pre-project survey, formulation of the problem, product prototypes, design, construction, commissioning, trial operation.