IIDRE is a French company founded in 2012. The firm focuses its activity on indoor geolocation and tracking solutions. Their team provides both hardware and software skills, enabling them to provide tailored products to fit customers’ needs for automotive vehicles, robotics and UAVs.



The flagship product is an accurate, real-time locating system based on UWB technology provided by a Decawave chip. This solution operates by using mobile tags and fixed geo-referenced anchors. The tags’ onboard intelligence ensures good accuracy, even in dense environments or in the case of fast motions. The main features include:

  • 10-30 cm accuracy, depending on the environment
  • Data rate in the order of 40Hz
  • Easily adaptable to customers’ systems
  • Management of non-line-of-sight measures
  • Embedded IMU (Bosch BNO055)
  • Customization by addition of new sensors (temperature, pressure, air quality, etc.)
  • Bluetooth


IIDRE also offers a training kit, allowing you to become familiar with indoor geolocation the power of UWB technology. This training kit is delivered with complete documentation of the solution and a quick-start guide to facilitate the customer experience. The kit contains:

  • 4 anchors
  • 1 tag
  • USB cables, 5V and enclosures
  • Tripods
  • Power banks
  • Configuration and visualization software
  • Tutorial and user manual