Frequently Asked Questions - Getting Started


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To understand the hardware we advise you to study the following documents:

  •  DW1000/DWM1000 datasheet. The Datasheets explain various aspects of the DW1000/DWM1000 like connectivity,​ application Information, capabilities of the DW1000/DWM1000 and much more.
  •  EVB1000 Schematic, it also includes the BOM.
  • DW1000 user manual,


DW1000/DWM1000 datasheet and schematic are available from

  •  APS013 DW1000 and two way ranging. This application note explains the implementation ofan example two way ranging application.
  •  APU001 DSC configuration Mode1-16. This application note gives directives on DW1000 depending on the use case.
  •  The DW1000 user manual. A 250+ page compressive document, but start with chapter 2. Overview of the DW1000 and the chapter 12 APPENDIX 3: Two-Way Ranging.
  • In addition we advise you to read the source code guides and/or APIs for the sample programs. This API contains various basic procedures for send and to receive messages.

Software API and sample code is available from