Frequently Asked Questions - Antenna


Antenna delay does vary with temperature. Consult the DW1000 user manual where the following is quoted: -

For enhanced ranging accuracy the ranging software can adjust the antenna delay to compensate for  changes in temperature. Typically the reported range will vary by 2.15 mm / ⁰C and by 5.35 cm / VBATT.

The DW1000 user manual is available on


The antenna supplied with the EVK1000 and the Partron chip antenna supplied with the DWM1000 are both omnidirectional antennas. The gain of both antennas is frequency dependent with the gain of the EVK1000 antenna higher than the Partron antenna.

The Partron antenna used in the DWM1000 is commercially available under the Abracon brand name as the ACA-107- T. The datasheet for the antenna is available from Information on the DWM1000 antenna radiation pattern data as measured by Decawave can be found in the DWM1000 datasheet available on


Antenna delay is a generic team used to refer to: 

  • the delay between the time a signal arrives at the receiving antenna and the time the arriving message is time-stamped inside the DW1000
  • the delay between the time an outgoing message is time-stamped inside the DW1000 and the time the signal leaves the antenna

Antenna delay will vary slightly between different units of the same design. Depending on the accuracy you require you may decide that you do not need to calibrate out this inter-unit difference. Further information on antenna calibration can be found in Application Notes APS014 "Antenna Delay Calibration of DW1000-based Products and Systems" and APS012 "DW1000 Production Tests".