Frequently Asked Questions - EVK1000/EVB1000


Both TREK1000 and EVK1000 applications output ranging and some debug information over the virtual COM port.

For more information see Decaranging Source Code Guide (EVK1000) and DecaRangeRTLS ARM Source Code Guide (TREK1000)


The EVB1000 does not support the reprogramming of the on board STM32F microcontroller via USB. The EVB1000 has a 20-pin JTAG header which should be used to do this.



The EVB1000 has no physical UART interface. EVB1000 outputs the results of two-way ranging over the USB port and also to the LCD display. The on board STM32F microcontroller does have an UART peripheral. To enable UART functionality on the EVB1000, both software and hardware changes are required to use this peripheral and output data on it. Please contact DecaWave for details of how to do this.

Moreover the DW1000 SPI interface is accessible through the J6 connector. For further information see EVK1000 user manual for use of the external SPI. Also on board USBtoSPI application can be used to read/write data to DW1000. Please see the DecaRanging Source Code Guide on using USB VC protocol to write and read DW1000 SPI data.


EVK1000 boards are calibrated for the default use cases of channel 2 and 5 to have output powers of just below  -41.3 dBm/MHz at the SMA connection point.

For more details see the EVK1000 user manual, available from