Frequently Asked Questions - DW1000


Yes, the DW1000 meets RoHS 6 requirements as laid down by the 2011/65/EU RoHS2 Directive.


Minimising the carrier frequency offset between different DW1000 devices improves receiver sensitivity.

The DW1000 allows trimming to reduce crystal initial frequency error.

For more details see the section on Crystal Oscillator in the DW1000 datasheet and for registers to use

see chapter 8.1 IC Calibration – Crystal Oscillator Trim in the IC user manual.

DW1000 datasheet and DW1000 user manual can be downloaded from


In Software when using DWM1000, DW1000, the output power configuration and control can be altered by using register map register file 0x1E

The use of this register is in great detail explained in the IC user manual and Application note APS023 Transmit Power Calibration & Management

Both are available on


For every received frame the DW1000 receiver provides a set of frame-related diagnostic information.

For more information on these diagnostics and other transmit / receive error information see the DW1000 Software API Guide and the DW1000 IC user manual Chapter 4, which describes diagnostic registers.

Both are available on