Eliko is an electronics and software development company founded in 2004. We help our clients to develop future-proof systems that will work in the Internet of Things, using novel algorithms and communication models.

Eliko offers industrial R&D services and develops in-house products based on embedded sensing and communication technologies. Over the years, we have delivered novel hard- and software solutions for more than 70 partners and has completed over 100 product development projects. Eliko’s long-term experience in communication systems has enabled us to develop digital standards for the Estonian e-government in contactless payment and smart transportation.



KIO RTLS is a robust and precise indoor positioning system that guarantees a reliable accuracy of 5-30 cm in 2D or 3D space. Built on the Decawave chipset, the system consists of anchors, battery powered or regular tags and application software.

The complete and universal indoor tracking system enables to build both small and large-scale infrastructures for simultaneous real time positioning of hundreds of objects.

Main features:

  • Reliable positioning accuracy of 5-30 cm
  • Easily scalable system
  • Up to 20 Hz ranging rate
  • TOF multilateration software
  • Open API for integration into client applications
  • FCC & CE certified technology

KIO comes in two main configurations. The Regular Cell configuration guarantees a reliable accuracy of 30cm in also non-line-of-sight conditions. The Small Cell configuration is designed for location-critical applications and it provides reliable 5 cm accuracy.

The KIO RTLS has existing clients and working applications in more than 10 industries, including precision tracking in demanding manufacturing environments and tracking the movements of objects up to 50km/h in sports and unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs). Read more.