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DWM1001-dev and Raspberry pi
Hello everyone
I am trying to put into operation a system of 4 anchors and a tag with dwm1001 dev board.
I need the tag to be connected to the raspbery pi so that according to the position it has, it must do some tasks.
My problem is that I can not execute the example that I have in document DWM1001 firmware user guide (page 25), to adapt it to my needs.

I downloaded the DWM host API package and set it up as explained in the document to use SPI comunication "USE_INTERFACE = 1". But when I run the document tag_cfg.c I get problems with the dwm_api.h library and I do not know how to solve it.
I am a beginner in raspberry pi and DWM1001 dev board. So I would appreciate a little help to start my project on the right foot.
Sorry for my low level of English.
Best regards,

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