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MDEK1001 Optimized settings for NLOS configuration
Is it possible to configure the Preamble length the NTM_1 and NTM_2 (noise threshold multipliers) for the MDEK1001?
Configuration settings for these are stated in the "Part 2 NLOS Operation and Optimizations" application note which I intend to use in order to improve the NLOS performance.
Unfortunately, I do not have access to the PANS library and I couldn't find a way to configure the MDEK1001 modules for NLOS conditions by using the API.
Is there any way to apply the settings to the MDEK1001 modules?

Any thoughts on this are appreciated.
siniath, proud to be a member of Decawave Tech Forum since Aug 2018.
The PANS FW has fixed RF settings, and they like the preamble length are not modifiable. They are closely tied into the system timings and as such cannot be modified without having to modify lots of other system configurations.

On the other hand the NTM_1 and NTM_2 should not affect timings, but there are no APIs to allow you to do this. Maybe for DW to consider if to add in the next release.

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