Daniel Hoste Appointed as Non-Executive Director to Decawave’s Board

Micro location technology positioned for broad market acceptance and growth with appointment of Daniel Hoste to accelerate development strategy


DUBLIN, IRELAND–(Marketwired – April 14, 2015) –.

Decawave (www.decawave.com), a fabless semiconductor company specializing in precise location and connectivity applications, today announces the appointment of Daniel Hoste as Non-Executive Director (NED) of Decawave’s board. Daniel will provide his support for expanding the development strategy to drive adoption of accurate localization solutions in end-user applications.

Daniel brings over 40 years of semiconductor expertise and 10 years as a board member and strategic advisor in the electronics industry. Most recently Daniel was member of the Energy Micro AS board (Oslo, Norway) where he assisted with the development and deployment of microcontrollers and multi-protocol wireless RF solutions based on the industry-leading ARM® Cortex-M architecture. Previously, Daniel was president and CEO of Tundra Semiconductor Corporation (Ottawa, ON, Canada) and vice president and general manager of the 8 and 16-bit microcontroller division of Freescale Semiconductor (Austin, TX, USA). He also served as vice president and director of marketing and sales for Motorola’s Wireless & Mobile Systems Group as well as positions in international sales and marketing management at Motorola Semiconductor and AMD, after 12 years in R&D. Those experiences bring to Decawave a wide spectrum of skills – from strategy to operations – which will be highly beneficial in the fast growing phase the company is currently enjoying.

“We are excited to have Daniel join our board as Non-Executive Director,” said Ciaran Connell, CEO at Decawave. “His proven background in the microcontroller and semiconductor industry and experience in leading global organizations will be invaluable in moving forward adoptions of micro locations technology in the broad market.”

Decawave offers ultra wideband technology for precise location and connectivity applications. The need for micro-location is everywhere across the industrial space from healthcare, factory automation and logistics to retail with an expected 30% CAGR over the next 5 years. Decawave launched a Partnership Program in 2015 to help create an ecosystem that builds on the hardware vendors, software developers, and systems integrators’ knowledge and drive adoption of micro-location by the broad market, design new, cutting-edge solutions and educate customers looking for state-of-the-art and cost-effective end products. Automotive and consumer are not far behind with Decawave technology being adopted in applications like keyless entry systems and location based services for the connected home.

“Decawave is making great strides in developing innovative micro-location technologies,” says Daniel. “The company is establishing a strong foothold in the marketplace and has already set-up a solid sales channel through distributors and its new Partner Program. I am impressed by the continued growth and look forward to helping the Decawave board pave the path for acceptance and awareness of micro location technologies.”

About Decawave

Decawave is a pioneering fabless semiconductor company developing a family of integrated circuit products called ScenSor, compliant to the IEEE802.15.4a standard, which can identify the specific location of any object, person or thing at very competitive cost, very low power and with a required level of precision and reliability never achieved before (+/-10cm). In addition, the data communication capability of the chip (up to 6.8Mb/s) makes it a perfect fit for IOT applications and other low-power wireless network applications.

With applications in diverse markets including factory and building automation, healthcare, ePOS and retail, robotics, warehousing, automotive and consumer, the company’s flagship DW1000 chip has garnered interest from more than 2,500 firms globally.

Decawave is headquartered in Dublin Ireland, with presence in France, South Korea, Taiwan and the US.

For more information please visit http://www.decawave.com