ZIGPOS designs and provides turnkey RTLS for mass market applications. ZIGPOS systems are made for everyone and everything.

Our positioning systems are pre-installed and ready to run. The system architecture is designed for long lasting autonomous operation. ZIGPOS sensor nodes operate several years independent from mains and Ethernet connection. The deployment for large areas is extremely simplified, neither electricians nor IT staff is needed anymore. The set-up can be done by the user itself.

ZIGPOS teams up with mass market manufacturers worldwide in order to ship large quantities quickly at highest quality levels. The German engineering team with its strong R&D background merges multiple sensor technologies for future applications. From building automation up to autonomous driving ZIGPOS provides accurate positioning data for the things of the IoT world. We enable integrators in different industries embedding our advanced positioning technology in their business application for a fast time to market.

ZIGPOS Badge Indoor Localization from ZIGPOS GmbH on Vimeo.


Zigpos Badge

The ZIGPOS Badge - the smart badge for GPS-denied areas is a mobile sensor platform, communicating and measuring its precise position. It enables many applications:

  • Employee ID and Access Control
  • Detection of Presence and Events
  • 3D Pinpoint Accuracy
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Micro-Navigation
  • Communication

The ZIGPOS RTLS application and the ZIGPOS Gateway

The ZIGPOS Gateway is a communication hub running the positioning application. The ZIGPOS RTLS software can simply be used with any browser. Included is the mapping and tracking of badges. The visualization is in real-time and represents different Badge states.

Zigpos RTLS Evaluation Kit

The ZIGPOS RTLS Evaluation Kit is pre-installed and ready to run tracking, geo-fencing, indoor navigation and includes:

  • Five ZIGPOS Badges
  • One inductive charging station
  • Four ZIGPOS anchors
  • One ZIGPOS Gateway
  • RTLS software, Map + 2D Visualization



Zigpos Badge

Just start and evaluate with a single DecaWave compatible Badge:

The ZIGPOS Badge comes preconfigured and ready to locate with the DecaWave TREK1000 RTLS Evaluation Kit out of the box.