Quantitec, based in Frankfurt am Main, is an innovative and rapidly growing company specializing in hardware and software for indoor localization. Our self-developed system called IntraNav is precise, easily scalable, suitable for industrial use and robust. With our unique technology, we offer new ways and solutions in order to make asset movements and processes more transparent. Our customers and partners are global players from different industries, who rely on our technology, agility, professionalism and trust.


website: http://intranav.com/


IntraNav - What is IntraNav


  • IntraNav is the base technology/platform which provides real-time indoor localization data to a vast number of applications in numerous vertical markets
  • IntraNav is a highly scalable localization platform for indoor (and outdoor)
  • IntraNav enables high precision (cm level accuracy) indoor localization/navigation
  • IntraNav provides extreme cost-efficiency in order to cover large spaces
  • IntraNav is a ready-to-deploy industrial solution
  • IntraNav operates with low power, is of very small size and can be easily integrated into other systems (OEM)
  • IntraNav operates with  hybrid units with smooth and interference free operation; RF location combined with inertial navigation system
  • IntraNav offers optimal data processing for IoT/BigData functionality – visualization and analysis of historical and real-time data
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IntraNav - Offering


  • IntraNav SDK (Self Development Kit) for DecaWave based UWB Products => Rapid Time 2 Market by using the IntraNav RTLS Middleware and IntraNav.IO Platform & API 
  • Ideal for Integrators and OEM’s
  • Dozens of Integrations e.g. for UNITY, SAP EWM, VisualStudio, AZURE, Amazon Kinesis, Apache Kafka, iOS & Android



IntraNav System Features


  • 2D & 3D Live Tracking
  • Visualization
  • 360degree orientation
  • Dashboards
  • Position
  • Database & Analytics
  • Shock
  • Reports
  • Humidity
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Temperature
  • Interfaces eg. LaRa, BTLE, CAN
  • Air Pressure