Based in Chemnitz Germany, Agilion designs wireless sensor networks and provides industrial-proven turn-key RTLS solutions. Location based services can be easily embedded in any kind of business application.

Agilion enables its business partners to integrate position data as well as additional real-time information. Business integrators benefit from the best available transceiver technology for a short time to market.

Agilion ensures highest reliability and a maximum of safety for mission critical business applications. The RTLS is designed for fast company-wide roll-outs and is easy to integrate in complex IT-landscapes. The localization software runs also on virtualized servers even in distributed data centers.

Agilion implements worldwide turn-key solutions for industries such as logistics, public transport, manufacturing and building automation, oil and gas, mining, special-forces or automotive.


Provider of market-ready devices using DecaWave for 24/7 applications

  • Gateway devices with Wi-Fi
  • Housing IP 65
  • Integrated antennas
  • No external antenna cable
  • Power supply 12/24 V DC
  • Optional back-up battery

Wireless Tag Badge

  • Localization accuracy less than 50cm
  • Credit card size, 5mm thin
  • Everlasting power supply by 20 sec. per day wireless recharging
  • Feedback function by capacitive touch
  • E-ink display for application data
  • Legacy RFID transponder mountable