Beijing BooCax Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of core positioning and navigation technology for industrial mobile robot, as well as a supplier of robotic flexible collaboration system platform and AGV products.

The company was founded in 2014. The founders are from well-known universities and research institutes such as Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Institute of Automation (CAS), who possess more than ten years of R&D experience in pattern recognition and core algorithm of robot. The company focuses on research and development of SLAM technology with multi-sensor fusion of laser + vision + UWB, large-scale personnel and materials positioning technology, multi-robot flexible collaboration system and AGV, aiming to provide the customers with stable and reliable robot positioning and navigation products and integral human-machine collaboration solution.

BooCax products such as Navi++ positioning and navigation system, BooStar large-scale personnel and materials positioning system, BooBase mobile underpan has been widely used in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, banks, and shopping malls.



BooStar UWB is a consumer-oriented real-time positioning system which uses autonomous application algorithms and hardware design, with the positioning accuracy up to 20cm. The system is designed as an independent module that can be quickly integrated into other applications to meet the user’s need for high-precision real-time positioning.

Technical Principle: Time of Flight

Typical Accuracy: Unobstructed mean shift 20cm

Data interface: COM

Communication distance: MAX 120m

Location refresh rate: 10Hz


BooTracer is a cost-effective real-time positioning module that uses advanced electromagnetic wave technology to accurately measure the phase difference of wireless pulses reaching the antenna array, so as to realize real-time positioning of people and moving objects through measurement of relative angle and relative distance. As an independent component, it can be widely integrated into various tracking scenarios or devices to fulfill real-time and high-precision positioning of relative position.

Technical principle: Time of flight and angle of arrival

Typical accuracy: Unobstructed mean shift 20cm

Angle accuracy: 7

Data interface: COM

Communication distance: MAX 20m

Location refresh rate: 10Hz

Power: Node 1.1W (5v 220mA), Tag 0.55W ( 5v 110mA)

Powered by: DC5V, 500mA

Transmission power: -41dB/m

Working frequency: 6.2GHz—6.7GHz

Size: Base stations 41mm*75mm*3mm

Tag 44m*41mm*3mm


The BooBase mobile underpan is an extensible intelligent service robot mobile platform that is capable of autonomous positioning and path planning indoors and intelligent movement to the destination. The platform is easy to deploy, can carry different applications, and can be used for secondary development quickly to meet application requirements in different scenarios.

Sensor: Lidar/Ultrasound/Infrared/UWB/Vision sensor/ Collision sensor

Size: 60cm*60cm*45cm, Support upper extension

Charging: Automatic return charge

Battery: 24V 30Ah, Lithium battery

Network: Support WiFi

Load: 100kg

Moving speed: 0.6m/s

Overcoming obstacles: 2cm

Climbing angle: 15°


Navi++ consumer-oriented positioning and navigation system is a cost-effective robotic positioning and navigation system developed independently to meet the needs of the consumer service market. Fusion: laser, vision and other modal sensors are integrated to provide instant composition and positioning services. Open SDK, abundant interfaces, and high expansibility enable the host system easily deploy according to the needs.


Navi++Pro, which integrates LiDAR-based synchronous positioning, mapping (SLAM) and matching path planning functions, is a high-performance autonomous positioning and navigation system developed for industrial application. The host system can use the communication interface provided by Navi++Pro and combine the high-precision positioning information acquired by SDK in real time with the environment mapping data independently constructed by Navi++Pro to realize flexible and varied functional extensions, so as to meet the requirements for ultra-high safety and reliability of industrial mobile robots (logistic vehicles, AGVs, forklifts, etc.) in service scenarios.


BooStar-X large-scale personnel and materials positioning system is a real-time location system based on UWB technology. With the company’s self-developed application algorithms and hardware elements, the positioning accuracy can reach 20cm, to fully meet the users’ needs for high-precision positioning of multiple objects in a specific scenario or area.

Technical principle: TDOA

Typical accuracy: Unobstructed mean shift 30cm

Data interface: API

Deploy: More than 200

Communication distance: MAX 100m

Power: Node 3.5W (5V), Tag 1.8mW (3.3V)

Operating temperature: -40℃—85℃

Working frequency: 6.2GHz—6.7GHz

Size:  Base stations 260mm*110mm*70mm

Tag 103mm*68mm*11mm