BluFlux, a full-service RF design and test company, helps wireless product developers optimize the performance of new designs based on the Decawave real­time location systems (RTLS) chipset. BluFlux can support your RF product development with expertise including:

  • UWB Antenna Design
  • Antenna Testing
  • Wearable Device Optimization

BluFlux integrated antenna design and testing services can optimize your product’s performance and accelerate your time to market. BluFlux UWB RTLS experience spans multiple industries including personnel tracking, healthcare, and logistics.

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Count on Bluflux UWB antenna design experts to optimize your antennas and RF performance so you can focus on serving your market.

  • Preserve bandwidth and antenna efficiency in the installed environment
  • Minimize required anchor and tag density 
  • UWB and wearable antenna design experts


Fast, accurate antenna measurements at the BluFlux on­-site anechoic chamber so you can test, iterate and optimize your RF design.

  • Integrated UWB antenna design and testing
  • Testing of all UWB bands up to and including Band #14 @ 10.6 GHz
  • Tailor-­made test plans


Optimize the installed and body­-worn performance of your UWB­-powered RTLS product. Confidently release UWB products with antennas that are validated for your application and installed environment.

  • Wearable antenna design and tuning to extract maximum performance from the Decawave chips and modules
  • On-­site human tissue simulant models for wearable device testing and optimization