A History of Excellence in Wireless Communication

Benchmark has a long history in the development of complex sensing and control systems, combined with extensive experience in a wide range of wired and wireless communication interfaces. Our experienced Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Group offers the expertise of professional systems integrators coupled with leading research and development of Real-Time Location System (RTLS) asset monitoring solutions. Our IoT Design Center of Innovation has built world-class engineering capabilities to measure, control, store, and analyze data in order to improve operations management.

Benchmark’s Tracking plus Sensing Technology is an extremely accurate (to 10 cm measured under test conditions) asset tracking sensor solution available today. With the ability to connect to any of the hundreds of commercially available Bluetooth sensors,  Benchmark’s wireless tracking solution is ideal for cloud-enabled monitoring and gives the real-time location status of staff and high-value inventory in the most cost-effective manner.

Cost-Effective Programs Customized for Your Needs

Benchmark’s goal is to understand your unique environment and technology requirements, then to provide tailored solutions designed to meet those needs. Our flexible and pro-active approach has been a major factor in achieving rapid prototypes, successful production and high customer satisfaction.



Benchmark’s IoT Solutions Group Tracking plus Tracking Technology design solves a broad range of location and asset tracking problems. We use novel approaches that merge tracking, monitoring, and logging with multiple sensor modes to create a range of solutions. By leveraging new low power chipsets, UWB radio technology, and software to optimize accuracy, we can offer small, low cost tags perfect for tracking wearables and mobile equipment.

Products, System Design, and Integration Services include:

  • Asset tracking tags with multi-mode sensor capability and mounting systems
  • Networked anchors for indoor and outdoor areas with mounting infrastructure
  • Gateways and servers for RTLS database hosting, location services, and cloud enablement
  • Barcode scanners for associating tags to unique IDs and serial numbers
  • Analytics dashboards, improving insight and operational efficiency
  • Integration with existing ERP and IT systems
  • Front-end mobile and web user interface dashboards and private / cloud hosting flexibility