The Board of Directors

Ciaran Connell

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Ciaran Connell has over 33 years experience of the communications andsemiconductor industry, and has gained Fortune 500 experience in Strategy, Operations, Business Development and Corporate Investments & Acquisitions. Ciaran has extensive experience in identifying, starting, penetrating, building and developing new technology markets in the semiconductor arena. Prior to Decawave, Ciaran headed Strategy and Business Development (EMEA)at Freescale France. Prior to that Ciaran worked at Motorola in France and the US, and Cornel.

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Michael McLaughlin

President, CTO & Co-Founder

Michael McLaughlin is a veteran of more than 33 years of the communications and semiconductor industry, and is an acknowledged authority on ultra wideband. Active in IEEE UWB standards development since 2002, Michael proposed and had ratified key parts of the IEEE802.15.4a standard. Michael is the author of Decawave’s patents. Prior to Decawave, Michael worked with Parthus, and was chief technologist at Cornel Electronics and Lake Datacommunications.

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James O'Hara

Chairman of Board

James O'Hara was appointed to the Decawave board in 2012. James was a former vice-president of Intel Corporation and headed up its manufacturing group in Ireland. James is also on the Board of Enterprise Ireland and is a Non-Executive Director of Allied Irish Bank (A.I.B.). 

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Graeme Walker

Chief Financial Officer

Graeme Walker has over 25 years of finance experience including 20 years in the semiconductor industry. Graeme is responsible for all investor relations, corporate finance, strategy planning, financial management and corporate governance activities at DecaWave. Prior to jointing DecaWave, Graeme was the CFO of MicroEmissive Displays plc and Freescale EMEA. Graeme also held senior roles at Motorola and Rolls-Royce.

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Gerald Jacknow

Non-Executive Director

Gerald Jacknow was one of the initial Angel Investors in Decawave. Gerald has long had an interest in technology related to health matters.  He has a background in medicine and practiced as a Pathologist in the USA. He has also held many positions including a Fellowship at the University of Minnesota Hospital and CEO and Director of Clinical Pathology Laboratories Inc.

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