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Gentleman's facial - The skin characteristics of men are different from those of women. Male skin is more prone to extreme elements; that is why there is a facial therapy specifically made for guys called he gentleman's facial treatment.? The gentleman's facial typically includes exfoliation, extractions, mask and massage in order to revitalize and refresh the skin texture.

 Gentleman's manicure and pedicure - Clean and well-trimmed nails doesn't make less of a man. Though manicures and pedicures were once associated with femininity, many men have already adopted manicures and pedicures as part of their regular body maintenance exclusive wedding gowns UK. Most of the gentlemen who have adopted these procedures are those working in offices where it is extremely desirable to be resentable.?The gentleman's manicure and pedicure involves perfectly shaping the cuticles and the nails and then buffing the nails after which the hands, arms and legs are massaged.